#1 - Begin by measuring your window frame width from side to side and then carefully cut your 1"x2" into a piece that will fit the entire inside top width of your window frame.

#2 - Taking one edge of the sheet that works best to cover your target area size and begin stapling it every inch or two along the outer (thin) edge of the 1"x2". When done, cut away excess sheet and roll the 1"x2" over so the sheet 'wraps' around to cover all the exposed wood. Put three staples, one at each end and one in the center. Since this side is exposed to your event room you don't want many staples.

#3 - Take your spring-rod style curtain rod and install it 1" down from the top of your window frame. I suggest using spring-rods so that you don't mar up your window frames with hooks.

#4 - Slide 1"x2" in-between the top of your window frame and the spring-rod with the sheet facing out. The spring-rod acts to hold your new curtains in-place.

#5 - Now, cut off any excess hanging down below the window sill and begin cutting strips into the sheet, cut jagged edges and occasionally nip the strips a bit to make them look weathered. Every once in awhile, you even want to 'cut away' some strips and set them aside.

#6 - Sit back and enjoy your new creation and let the party begin.

These simple Halloween curtains are inexpensive and really help to set up the entire party place with a cool Halloween vibe. See the video clip below and then scroll down for a list of items that you will need along with step-by-step instructions on how to make your very own Halloween Haunted Mansion Curtains.

Watch the how-to-make-it video:

Haunted Mansion Drapes

Step-by-Step Instructions: