(1) 100-200 small black plastic spiders. Flat back spiders work best or you can cut off the ring part from spider rings. 

(1) Roll of white self-adhesive shelf liner (self-tack). 
(1) Small handheld glue gun. 
(1) Sharp pair of scissors.
(1) Small strobe light.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

#1 - Begin by completely covering your ceiling with the shelf liner. This helps minimize the glue taking off your paint later. The first year I did this I just glued the spiders to the ceiling. Great effect, bad idea when taking the spiders off.

#2 - Taking care to apply as little glue as possible begin gluing spiders in various patters about 3 inches - 5 inches apart across the entire ceiling. Make some look like they are following a leader, group a few other like they are gathering to attack.

#3 - Add a strobe light and let the creepy crawly begin.

This creepy room works best in a small room like a bathroom but I can imagine a larger room might be just as creepy if you add-in a bunch of larger spiders too.

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Creepy Spider Room

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