You will need a rack or display area. Something that has a few shelves works best. We used a small kitchen bakers rack.

The most dramatic effect comes from lighting the bottles of 'body parts' and rubber spiders from below. I was able to put two jars on each box which gave it a neat look, each one with a different color of food color added water. 

For the lightbox/riser I used 2 inch thick light wood craft boxes from a craft store, painted them black and cut a hole, on some boxes I cut two holes on top just slightly smaller than the bottom diameter of the large bottle or jar. To pass the cord through the closed box I just cut a small notch on one side for the cord to slip into. 

The light choice I used is a small light rope, it doesn't get hot like a small C-7 bulb or set/string of lights. 

If the jar might be bumped, or isn't stable I sometimes run a small bead of silicone to adhere the box to the jar if it needs help.

You have to shop early for the body 'grow-a-parts' (hands, arms, legs and heart) they sell out quickly if you can find them at all.

We also like mixing small Halloween novelties in the display like eyeball bubbles, eyeball key-chains, and eyeball ping pong balls among the edibles such as cookies, candy and caramel apples, brightly frosted cupcakes, hard and chocolate eyeball candies and other assorted fun candies.. It's fun to watch guests try to figure out what's edible, and.. what's not.

This project was really fun and was the hit of last years party. Look below the video for a step-by-step guide on how to make your display POP. 

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